Whatever Will Be, Will Be...

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

bab 85 - accidentally, all of sudden

i accidentally clicked on my blog link. yearssssss not updated. so i just jot something to tell you that im alive. its 2017 and the last post was in 2011. 7 years. lots of things happen.. i'm now have 2 daughters and one wife. we live happily ever after.. haha.

last time writing when i was moving on to new department from jpa to mahkamah syariah terengganu. and now after years, im moving to institut pendidikan guru. hope for happiness here and it doesnt mean im not happy in mahkamah syariah. people know im happy there, and im here because of job rotation and i hope it is good to me. Allah puts me here for reason insyaAllah.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bab 84 - after a while

syhh.. after a while..

i drop by here tonite just to say hi..means that i try to keep blogging. have to agree.. after transfering to Terengganu, this is my first time writing here. it must be lots of things to share in these few months.. life changes.. to be continued.. (may take few months.. huhu)..

Friday, May 21, 2010

bab 83 - suddenly..

aha.. suddenly it comes to me..come..come.. (calling for mood) ok..now it attaches on me and i do worry it goes fastly.. aha.. for those who lambat pikap what i'm chatting is..actually, what i mean is...the mood of writing..ok. enough.. i have to type it fast so that this time its not to be saved as draft..hope so.

ok what a long time not writing here..nevermind.. oh ..my.. why i'm so kelam kabut now? calm down fitri..calm down..ok.. have a deep breath..ok..fuhh...

ok..first of all i wanna say hello and happy mother's day and a happy father's day to all.. even tho mother's day had passed and father's day will be in next 3 weeks.. but the wishes are wished for whom may it concerned. ahah.. for friends who now have been father and mother.. happy father's and mother's day. u get me? yaa..the day u called mother or father.. that's the day we call father's or mother's day.. aha..brilliant me.. kakakakka.. wokey..

as for now.. i've called father or ayah for about 3 months ago.. i was so excited on 27th of February 2010 when my wife had delivered our comey sangat baby namely Khaira Yafi binti Ahmad Fitri.
new ayah and his lovely daughter, khaira!

one of my fav pic of khaira

talking about the experience.. wah.. so many new experience i faced a few weeks before and after the birthdate. i dont know whether i need to share here or not since i yet never read any blog who shared the best so called story..... ok..i'll shared if there's a ..anyway.. if there're a lot of request for it.. ahaks.

so..that's one of good news. the second one is.. i dont know whether it's a good or sad news.. aha.. actually now i'm not working at JPA anymore.. i'm now one of JKSM staffs. u know what JKSM is right? dont say no.. cause when i said JPA..owh..everybody know la that's stands for Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, Malaysia even some people still confuse with JPA3.. ohohoh... okey.. JKSM is stands for Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia wah or in english i could say it is known as Department of Syariah Judiciary Malaysia. Wah..so long explaination which i think i shud not explain too much. ok. stop.. wah wah.. sometimes.. a little bit sad since i actually dont like to change-change job u know.. yeah.. need to find new friends.. (its good actually to have more friends..but dont like to start from zero... hai selamat kenalan...nama saya yada..yada...) but have to; because this is the only chance i have to be wif my family in my hometown.. terengganu.

bye-bye PP(M)SP6 Workstation

so many people ask me why i'm goin back working at state in my young age. anyway.. i have reason for it. they olwes ask me to find job for my wife here (in K.L) so that i no need to change department and go back to state (terengganu). i had made a condition before and it happened as it planned. as we're trying to find a way to make me live together (..as u guys shud know before read this chapter..please refer to the previous-previous chapter..that we now live seperately..wife in terengganu..working there.. and i'm in lembah klang), i said to her..i'll look for chances if i could back to state and she also find her new job in k.l. and the condition begins when i put a word on her that, after she finished her pantang (after khaira was born) and if i have no chance to back to state..she will be here..working here. but what really happened is.. i have chance back to terengganu before she finished her pantang and it will be next week i will be back to home town.. live and working there.. if i have to come back to k.l maybe one time.. i will do. insyaAllah.. its all about rezeki. ahh...dont want to talk about it anymore.. next week i'll be in terengganu.. yeay.. as my wife said..

"we dont know how long yet we are alive and this is the time we shud take the chance to live together with our family.. to live for them.."

i suddenly thought that since 2001.. i left the home..further study..working.. until now.. i had married..have child.. still far away from them..i dont wanna regret at the end of the day.

ok..stop for it and lets talk about what i've been now..really..really now.. at this time.. while i'm writing this..i think i shud say here..may be people out there used to faced the problem as i do right now. i olwes hungry!..haha.. ok..ok.. gelak..gelak.. but it's true.. almost plus minus 3 to 4 hours after meal.. i will hungry again.. and eat.. and hungry again.. if this thing happened continuosly.. i will be a very fatty man.. owh.. that's the thing i'm so concious in life..huhu.. so sad.. need to see doctor lah i think.. kan..kan.. ok lah.. i shud stop for now lah.. wanna eat benjo i just bought.. what to do.. this perut is olwes hungry.. so worried la.. if not.. i will be loya-loya.. (not because of anything keyh.. dont think tooo far) mau muntah-muntah if let my perut empty.. huhu... bye for now.. i dont know i could write something here again or not since after this (next week) i will move to new envirionment of life..this time pun because i saw one of my colleauge in facebook put her status 'updating my blog after a year' so i suddenly remember my blog.. and have some mood to write some..ok lah, see ya if have time.. daa...

"thousand miles of journey.. thank God, U show me the signs"

Saturday, January 02, 2010

bab 82 - countdown

me and wife finally had made preparation for our baby. he/she is expecting to birth on 7th March 2010..and we're now so excited waiting for the baby. clothes, baby stuffs had been bought last week but still has 2 or 3 items missing and i'll make it on my own since i now officially never let her being so active anymore.. people will say pregnant women shud be active to make sure they will easy to give birth..but my wife is tooooo active since discovered pregnant. until now..and that's why i stop her activities..but it's not meaning i ask her to sleep, hibernate and so on..but just please to have some rest..yeah..quite worried coz i'm not by her side..anyway.. i found this widget at http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com and i thought it's good to monitor the positions of the baby.. the baby is now ( 2 to 3 weeks afterdis) in the phase to move down the head to the 'door' and if not happened..i do worry the mommy and baby will get problem by that time..

p/s: keep growing baby.. bbasya mommy..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

bab 81 - weekend virus

burp... full! just have a late breakfast today..nasi lemak with fried egg and fried chicken...erm..tasty.. and it was more delicious since i've been treated for it.. ahaha..ok.. i love saturday..and also sunday.. but i know all of us will always hate the monday nite..isnt it? golek2 on bed, surfing, eating..hahha..all i can do to forget the works at office (even i must finish it before monday, but who cares? i want some rest!) so..i call it weekend virus or some people also using 'bermalas-malasan di rumah' as a term to explain it. hey everbody.. what will u do if u're on my feet? i saw people go for outing..watching movies..karaoke..huh..actually i dont have interest to make it and i prefer to have a rest at home.. when i said i prefer being at home..it doesnt mean i am anti sosial or anything.. because i also love travelling, go for holiday and many more..but not every week..and when i want to have it...i'll make sure i'm not alone..(whether wif family or friends)..

at this time, i feel like eating some bread with abc. nyum..nyum... olrite bebeh.. i'm going to get my abc (have to find it anywhere for the sake of it!) got to go.. daa..


after a few minutes, i found abc at a siamese restaurant.. omg.. its a bit expensive coz it cost of rm2.5o for a very-very simple abc (abc kampong giler).. i tapau it.. and become so frustrated when i at first slurp it.. OMG..what the hell are you selling man.. abc with lots of sugar, less milk, no corn, less cendol, less cincau...its too much to sell it...marahnyer haku...

Friday, October 30, 2009

bab 80 - not on phone, tired, baby clothes

hihihi...nope..nope..i'm not a papa yet (refer bab 79)..sabo..sabo.. and with reference to the subject above.. they are not related to each other..so read it seperately!

saya bukan kucing..but the cat is boring

1. oh yeah..got time to write something here again since my wife is now with her family; have an outing for dinner together-gether ..and me? what shud i do?..hmm.. here i am..doing nothin' but looking something to do before sleeping..wah..like a pantun pulak. normally i will on phone wif her at this time and since she is 'busy'..so, it could be a reason why i'm blogging tonite...boring~

this is document..tapi yg ni tak cukup tebal lagi

2. i'm a little bit tired coz the whole day at work (plus overtime lagik even will never be paid) was spent for checking, updating the HRDD document line by line.. and it is hundred of pages..have to bring all the document back and finish 'em up before monday. dat's why i missed nazran's invitation..(he treated friends today..what did they eat a?? bes..bes.. since i'm in a very good mood for eating lately, so, quite frustrated couldnt join them..and also missed a kenduri doa selamat of mr.dolmat; the neighbour, he's going to baitullah tomorrow....mmm..yeah..i am mengidam maybe..and this is my second time feeling like dis..have a very very very very big appetite compared to before) work hard bro! new government attitude keyh.. hahahah...suddenly remember our gmail group: scutm; had a topic about government vs private..and as for me..both are the same..

sekadar gambar hiasan..uhuk..uhuk..

3. actually..what is the rite time to buy baby clothes? i still do not prepare anything. i planned this coming december while she's 7 month pregnant.. ok kot that time..hope she'll still be able to walk here and there looking for the baby clothes..hmm what else i shud do and prepare a? flight tickets is a must! argh..cant think right now..need her to discuss about it..i know she did so much researches almost everyday (google..relatives..friends...doctor...newspaper...megazine..) and i'll try to list it here so that you readers could give some comment if we missed something.. and you guys especially who had experienced on this, be pleased to share it here.. ok..time to sleep..she's not blogging today coz today is friday (her holiday), so..i got nothing to read before zzzZZZzz.. and....and.....and...what else? nothing dah kot...okey bye..see you then...

p/s: o dear, have a sweet dream..may everything goes well..insyaAllah!

Monday, October 26, 2009

bab 79 - sign of ending

dear the readers..

i noticed it's seems like months i didnt write in this lame blog.. i am actually not in the good mood for blogging..yeah..even though there're so much things to share..but then..nothing could be written here..just fly across the mind.. however..i have a new hobby lately..and it could be my routine.. if you dear remember what i've always told before..about loneliness..boring..etc.. now the hobby could help me release all those things.. my schedule is almost full and maybe it could be one of the reason i seldom update this blog..hmm..what hobby it is? i'm not ready yet to share with.. sorry guys..

ahh..what else a? i sometimes think..maybe this laziness (doing blog) is the sign to tell others that i shud stop blogging...yeah.. when i look at others blog..people will on and off and most of the time will off blogging when they have child.. maybe this time will be my turn since the fetus is now about 5 months and a week.. means the fetus is 21 weeks old in the womb.. hmm..cant wait for the baby coming out..haha..

let's see what the baby does right now..

"at month 5, the baby really starts kicking! “Quickening” is when a mother senses her potential punter in action for the first time, and this milestone moment usually happens during pregnancy’s fifth month. Also new in this month: hair. The fetus now has tiny white eyelashes and two arching eyebrows. Fine woolly hairs, called lanugo, blanket its body and its bare head also sports a few sprouts. In addition to lanugo, a white, waxy substance called vernix caseosa covers and protects the fetus’s body. And by month’s end, the fetus measures 8 to 10 inches long and tips the scales at 1 pound."

this is 5 months baby in the tummy but he is not my baby

olrite.. i will stop here..see you next year with my new title.. papa goes to sleep..daaa..